Arabic Culture

Arabian Culture & traditions are very important in Dubai and the rest of UAE. The below points are the most important for visitors to be aware of.

  • Religious freedom in Dubai and UAE- multicultural society with influences from many different countries
  • Women do not need to wear veil/burkhas or other covering headwear. The veil (or cover of the face) is actually not stated by the religion of Islam as mandatory. This tradition depends on the family.
  • Alcohol is served in the hotels and most desert camps (to Westerners)- alcohol cannot be purchased outside licensed bars without a liqour license. Tourists can buy alchol on arrival at Dubai Duty free shops¬† in the airport, only for consumption in their hotel rooms.
  • This is a muslim country- visitors should respect local culture and not dress in too revealing or inappropriate clothing when in public. Women should cover knees and shoulders in shopping malls and outside in the street. Bikinis and swim wear are ok on the beach or by the pool only. Public displays of affection (hugging, kissing etc.)¬†are considered as disrespectful behavior, especially between couples that are not married and during the month of Ramadan.
  • High degree of service in the region, as well as more service professions compared to Europe.
  • Relationbased business culture- more important who you know than what you do
  • Ramadan- the holy month. See more info on Ramadan here– this will take place approximately 19 June-18 July in 2015.