We are fortunate to have some of the most amazing and spectacular hotels here in Dubai and UAE!

New hotels are opening almost every month- at a rate which is hard to compare with several other destinations. Hotels are being constructed all over the city, and the supply of hotel rooms is constantly increasing. All the large hotel brands have different flagship properties in UAE and especially in Dubai. Traditionally UAE has had mostly glamorous 5 star luxury hotels but in recent years we have also seen the additions of more Middle class and budget properties and brands opening up. Around the beach area in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are still mostly 5 star resorts, with a high/peak season between Sept/Oct to April/May. During summer and the Ramadan month it is possible to get really good deals also in the luxury segments of the hotels.

Christmas and NYE is peak season and especially the week around NYE can be very expensive, especially in Dubai. Several of the large hotels also have a compulsory gala dinner on 31st December (meaning guests have to pay for this regardless if they wish to eat there or not). This is additional to the normal room rates.

Twin rooms with separate beds can be difficult in some hotels, as many of them dont have large inventories for these rooms. If your group requires a larger amount of twins pls let us know when making the request for best options.

Standard rooms in Dubai are usually larger than their equivalent in Europe. Most 3 star hotels (and all 4-5 star hotels) have a swimming pool and if located in the city usually also a free (or charges at a minimal cost) shuttle service to one of the public beaches around the city.