HelmsBriscoe partnership

Through our global hotel sourcing partner HelmsBriscoe, Clever Travel offers a completely transparent contracting and booking of hotel rooms and event and meeting space. We personally work with all hotels in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and can provide recommendations based on budget, location and classification. No surcharges or margins and we negotiate the contract completely transparent from the hotel for our customers. The company signs the contract with, and pays directly to, the hotel.

  • Reservation of hotel rooms and event rooms for groups without margins or surcharges at hotels in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates
  • Partner for hotels of at least 10 rooms per night
  • The largest company in the world in hotel group bookings – over 6.5 million room nights booked in 2019 globally.
  • No charge to use booking assistance, also possible to use in other parts of the world.
  • Opportunity to contract directly with the hotel for companies and event agencies
  • For bookings with programs via Clever Travel in the UAE, we can also sign the hotel contract (at no extra charge) and invoice with the rest of the itinerary to the client.

Here you can read more about our collaboration with HelmsBriscoe.